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TYGA PERFORMANCE タイガパフォーマンス その他の工具 Workshop Tray■商品番号

Set of 10 pcs

Using high end automotive and aerospace technology、this useful and beautiful tray will be the envy of all your friends and racing competitors and we promise that it will become an essential and indispensable part of your tool kit、as it has ours! The tray is both lightweight and extremely strong due to the method of construction and the materials used. Using a balance of craftsmanship and technology、each tray is individually laminated by skilled workers in a precision aluminium mold where it is subjected to high pressure to give unrivalled crisp and sharp finish which is both chemical and abrasion resistant.
We have been testing these trays for several months now and given them no mercy. We’ve put brake fluid、carburetor cleaner、engine oil、gasoline and other nasty fluids in them and they have retained both their strength and beautiful sheen. We have used them to hold various motorcycle parts and tools and apart from minor surface scratching which is to be expected、the hard epoxy finish has proven to be extremely tough and durable、but forgiving enough not to damage any delicate parts.
Of course、like all trays、these can be used around the home for drinks、fruit bowl and other decorations. If you have an application or require a similar product in large quantities、please contact us and we will be happy to discuss all details including design through to manufacturing and delivery.
These trays are easily stackable and weigh only 240 grams
We offer four variations of the tray in different configurations of carbon and Kevlar to suit your personal tastes:
●TYTO-0004ASET 10x Carbon】Carbon
●TYTO-0004BSET 10x Kevlar】Kevlar
●TYTO0004CSET 10x Kevlar】Carbon
●TYTO-0004DSET 10x Carbon】Kevlar
●TYTO-0004MIX 5x Carbon】Carbon and 5x Kevlar】Kevlar

【送料無料】工具 TYGA PERFORMANCE タイガパフォーマンス TYTO-0004DSET
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73,378円 (税込)